Hoffman Grist Mill

Enterprise, Kansas

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Enterprise, Kansas

Ride the train to Enterprise and the Hoffman Grist Mill!

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The first settlement at Enterprise was in 1868, and Enterprise was laid out in 1872.  It was named for the enterprising qualities of the pioneer settlers.

The first post office in Enterprise was established in January, 1873.

On January 10, 1883, the Enterprise Town Company, capital $50,000, was organized. The following officers were elected: V. P. Wilson, president; John Johntz, vice-president; C. Hoffman, treasurer; T. C. Henry, secretary.

In 1887, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway built a branch line from near Strong City, KS through Enterprise to Superior, Nebraska.

A community of 950 located 3 miles south of Interstate 70 on Kansas highway 43 next to the Smoky Hill River.

The City of Enterprise was formed in 1872, but was not officially incorporated as a city until 1878. The population of the city has experienced modest fluctuations since its incorporation.

The mill is located at 105 N. Factory Street in Enterprise, KS.

Ride the Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad excursion train from

Abilene KS to the mill in Enterprise, KS to visit the mill and our store.

Or drive directly to the mill which is located adjacent to the railroad

Tracks on K-43 highway at the north edge of Enterprise, KS.